Testimonials — See what our youth, parents, volunteers and staff are saying about BCM.

Thank you for your amazing program, [KidSmart]. I can tell that it is helping a lot! Jesed* is very strong in her math facts, especially her multiplication! That was an area that I noticed she struggled with at the beginning of the year. She seems much more confident and happier that she’s mastered them.
— Elementary School Teacher
I remember mentioning how I felt spiritually ‘dry’ my time down there in California. To be honest, BCM has helped me to be independent and take full responsibility for building my own personal walk with God. So, I have to say that I have grown spiritually through BCM in ways that I couldn’t imagine, and that is truly a blessing.
— Summer Intern 2013
BCM has strongly impacted my children’s lives with better guidance and assisting them with their homework and study which helps our family out A LOT.
— KidSmart Parent
BCM is the most underrated support system in the community, as they’re truly on mission to revive this city.
— Sammetra Daniels, Alumna
With your help Wilson* has made huge gains academically and behaviorally. Wilson’s improvements have resulted in moving up two levels in reading and writing, as well as scoring above average on his math exams.
His progress in both areas stands out in a positive light on basis of its own merit and in comparison to the progress of other students, with similar needs, who were not lucky enough to be involved in your program.
— 4th Grade Teacher, Willow Oaks School
Jesse and a few of the high school boys from BCM volunteered to help us move some office furniture being donated to our ministry. The boys were so helpful and selfless in serving that I could tell they have had some fantastic influences in their lives. I’m so glad to partner with another ministry helping raise young people as incredible as these teens are.
— Joyce del Rosario, New Creation Home
There are many challenges facing our community. [The children] all know and say that gangs are bad and they should not join one, but when they actually have to make the choice about whether or not to join, it is easier for them to say, ‘No’ when they have an alternative community providing love and support.
— Kyle & Bridgette, Bible Club Leaders

*Indicates child's name was changed.