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Mondays-Thursdays: 3:00pm-6:30pm

You can volunteer as a KidSmart classroom or reading tutor. To find out more, contact Kim Shimazaki at


KidSmart is an afterschool tutoring program that supports the academic and social development of the children of our community. At BCM, youth are surrounded by a caring and safe environment in which they can reach their full potential.

When children are behind in school, they quickly learn the mindset of “I can’t.” "I can’t do math." "I can’t read." In order for these children grow into leaders in their families and communities, they need to believe they can. "I can do math." "I can make a difference."

Through KidSmart, BCM works to show youth they can by providing a supportive environment and highly-relational tutoring. For more information, contact Diana Liggs, Program Manager, at 650-327-9940 or

KidSmart Intern Application  [PDF]  [Word]

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Volunteer Info

Wednesdays at 2:00 - 3:00 pm.

You can assist or lead a Bible Club and help youth meet God by volunteering. For more information, contact
Kim Shimazaki

Bible Club

Bible Clubs are weekly children's Bible studies led by volunteer mentors. Bible lessons, crafts and activities help children meet God and understand biblical principles. Through the clubs, we invite children in our community into a relationship with Jesus. While we work to empower them, we pray God will transform their hearts.

In Bible Clubs, we want to help youth develop authentic relationships with God and a solid moral foundation, out of which they learn to make good decisions. As it says in Proverbs 22:6, we seek to “train up children in the way they should go, so that even when they are old they will not depart from it.” For more information, contact
Leslie Tuakalau at or 650-543-2129.

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Volunteer Info

Monday-Wednesday afternoons, Saturday mornings

You can help middle school youth advance academically and in self-confidence. For more information, contact
Kim Shimazaki at

Create Studios

Given our proximity to some of the world's most prominent high-tech companies, it is discouraging that many of our teens do not enjoy equitable access to technology as do their peers in surrounding communities. And, even when they do access technology, they are consumers rather than producers. That is beginning to change for students who attend our classes.

Create Studios is a series of programs which engage middle school students through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) activities. Several times a week students gather for academics, art and Lego Robotics. Through instruction and lots of hands-on activities our youth learn basic programming fundamentals, design concepts, artistic expression, and engineering principles.

For more information, contact Waniya Bryant at 650-503-1440.

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Volunteer Info

Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm

To mentor middle school youth, and teach them about growing into an adult with not just integrity, but also faith, become a volunteer. For more information about volunteering, contact Kim Shimazaki at


Middle school is a time when kids start facing more difficult choices and begin testing their limits. Discovering who they are, they start pushing back against authority figures. In their relationships, they begin to feel the power of influence from friends. In StreetWorkz, our desire is that they will grow as unique, healthy teens without succumbing to the unhealthy pressures that exist around them. We do this through mentorship and creating avenues for them to meet God and know his presence in their everyday challenges.

During weekly meetings, StreetWorkz students gather with mentors for dinner, Bible study, and games. Special events keep youth excited, such as monthly outings and a yearly retreat.

For more information please contact Jordan Dennen at or 650-543-2127.

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Volunteer Info

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm                                                            Optional Homework Tutoring:  Tuesdays 4:30-6:30

To mentor high school youth, and teach them about faithful leadership, and self development, become a volunteer. For more information about volunteering, contact Kim Shimazaki at


LiT (Leaders in Training) is our high school program that digs deeply into the subjects of Leadership, Identity and Truth. LiT is a leadership-discipleship cohort program where high schoolers learn about their identity in God and discover how to lead in their unique gifts and strengths.

For more information please contact Ari Yee, High School Program Manager at 650-543-2128 or 

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KidSmart Internship

The KidSmart Internship is a part time work opportunity for local college students that want to serve their community. Each intern works as a classroom manager for KidSmart, our afterschool tutoring program. Investing in the lives of students, they also gain critical leadership experience. For more information, contact Diana Liggs, Program Manager, at 650-327-9940 or

KidSmart Intern Application  [PDF]  [Word]

KidSmart Intern Job Description [Word]

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BCM Scholarship

Purpose of the Scholarship Program                               - To encourage and assist east-of-Bayshore youth in pursuit of higher education.                                                    - To encourage community involvement, volunteerism and ministry involvement by students during their college years.

Awards                                                                          Amount of award will vary; award range is $500-$1000. Funding priority will be given to students who have: 1) participated in BCM programs; 2) demonstrated leadership and service in their church, community, or campus organizations.  

Eligibility Requirements                                    Attendance at an accredited college/university or approved Bible school or mission training program .

Application Opens: June 2019

Deadline: July 19, 2019

Application: [Word]