History, Mission, Vision & Values


Our Story

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In 1984 a group of Stanford and Santa Clara University students began studying the book of Amos. As they read about the injustice of disparity between the wealthy and the poor in Ancient Israel, they reflected on their own experience in modern day America. Resolving to do something, they moved into East Palo Alto and started Bible clubs and summer camps for youth. Soon afterward, they offered tutoring programs in reading and math.

In 1987 Bayshore Christian Ministries incorporated as a holistic nonprofit. Sixteen years passed before BCM put down roots on Beech Street, building a 10,000 sq ft facility, where today summer camps, Bible studies and tutoring are still offered, along with opportunities for leadership development, life skills coaching, and job training. As youth grow, BCM continues to support them by providing college scholarships, summer internships, and staff positions.

Mission, Vision & Values

Since its founding, the mission of BCM has been to equip the youth of East Palo Alto and Belle Haven to grow spiritually, gain life skills and develop as leaders so they have hope and a future.

With the support of our partners--individuals, churches, and foundations--BCM continues to grow and impact the lives of East Palo Alto youth, serving close to 400 youth each year. Our vision is to disciple the next generation of community leaders who will lead in their homes, workplaces and communities.

Our work embraces ministry that is:

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The essence of the Gospel message is holistic. Jesus not only proclaimed the Kingdom of God was at hand, but also healed sick, gave sight to the blind and fed the thousands. Jesus met the felt needs of many of those to whom he also preached the Good News. We seek to imitate this dual nature of Jesus' ministry, meeting not just spiritual needs, but also felt needs of the youth in our community.

Photo by: Federica Armstrong

Photo by: Federica Armstrong


Since our founding in 1984, we have sought to develop a deep and abiding presence with the youth of EPA, along with their families. Following the biblical model of relational ministry, we hope that God would use us to reveal the Gospel and transform lives. Our staff remain faithful to that model to this day as they not just manage their programs, but also mentor their youth, becoming involved in their lives, and walking alongside them through many trying times.


Photo by: Steve Joh

Photo by: Steve Joh


Working toward our mission of equipping youth so they have hope and a future, we have found many partners along the way--volunteers, prayer warriors, donors, churches and other organizations. Where we can, we try to accomplish our mission by collaborating. In the past 3 years, BCM has partnered with 18 other churches and organizations.

To find out what all this means for our programs, check out the 2013 Impact Report.