Praise and Worship!

James* had already been through some tough experiences in his short life time. Because of a legal status issue, his father was deported, leaving his mother as the sole provider for him and his siblings. James was always pretty active, but when it came to participating in praise and worship he seemed inclined to shy away and would find his way to the back of the class to limit his participation. As time went on and James behavior persisted, Bible Club leaders never forced him to participate but instead, continued to pray for him and to share the Lord’s message with him and the rest of their students. One day, something changed. Instead of hanging in the back during praise and worship, Bible Club leaders were delightfully surprised to see James energetically join in, singing and praising with the other students. Maybe it was the song that inspired him or maybe it was Jesus who touched his heart.

     Each child absorbs and begins to understand the beauty of God’s love, kindness and mercy at his or her own rate, which is why our Bible Club instructors are sure to be attentive to each student’s individual pace in an effort to meet them where they are at. Rushing anyone’s spiritual journey, even a child’s, can be ineffectual so instead Bible Club leaders allow their student’s love, praise and curiosity for the word of God to manifest organically. Being able to support and facilitate a child’s walk with God is a gift that BCM is honored to receive.

                                                          *A different name was used to protect our student’s privacy


Bible Club

Students raise their hands, ready to answer a question posed during the weekly lesson.