So Long, Sweet Summer

Summer has come and gone.  At BCM, our summer was full of new adventures and lots of celebrations!

David & Goliath: a skit put on by VBS youth this summer.

David & Goliath: a skit put on by VBS youth this summer.

New programs this summer were challenging to plan, but ended up being quite a success.  VBS which had the theme, Heroes of the Bible, kept elementary students enthralled and longing to learn more about the characters.  One student said, "Learning about the Bible," was his favorite thing about VBS this summer, while another student told us they applied the character trait of obedience learned this summer by "lisenting [sic] to our parents and earning time to play." 

Afternoons were teeming with 3rd-8th graders who couldn't wait to get their hands on the Legorobots which they built from scratch.  Some afternoons, too, were spent with fingers diligently typing on keyboards, and pressing the mouse, as they designed their own video games.  To complement all this use of the left brain, students spent the other half of their afternoons in an arts and crafts class, where they learned graphic design principles, colored self-portraits, and created trees from tissue paper.


BCM sourced local staff to run the summer programs.  Two of these young leaders were also alumni of our programs.  Sammetra Daniels returned this summer from Brooklyn, New York where she works with at risk youth, to be our Summer Bible Club Outreach Assistant.  And, Jazmin Perez, a sophomore at Ohio University, was our Creative Arts Director.  We're so thankful for their support, and so proud of all they have accomplished so far! 

And, how dare we talk about summer without celebrating the provision of God.  All of our summer lunches were sponsored or provided by donations from local friends, and friends as far away as Michigan and North Carolina.  For their support, and the support of Don Polk who campaigned for the gifts, we are so grateful.


How was your summer?  Did you slay any giants of your own, build something new or find a place to serve others?  Drop us a line in the comments.