Parents' Perspectives

“I know they are safe,” said Antonia, when asked why she has kept her daughters enrolled in BCM’s programs throughout the years. Antonia found out about BCM six years ago when one of her children’s Brentwood Academy teachers mentioned that BCM offered summer programs. Fast forward to now, her children are in BCM’s LiT high school student program. “All of the summer programs were awesome!” said Antonia while reminiscing about her first experiences with BCM. As she discussed the lessons her children have learned through BCM, Antonia said that BCM “teaches them how to be respectful and care for each other.”

When Alejandra and her family first moved to East Palo Alto (EPA) around three years ago, she decided to start looking into after school programs for her son and daughter. “To be honest I was very hesitant at first” said Alejandra as she recalled how EPA’s reputation made her nervous about just sending her children out into the community, but she ended up choosing BCM because of the affordability and the fact that we are a Christian organization. “Everyone is super kind and nice and know you by name,” said Alejandra when the topic of program and non-program BCM staff came up. “You guys reinforce values that I already believe in and academics, so they don’t forget in the summer,” said Alejandra as she explained how BCM’s Create Academy and other middle school programs benefit her children.

Eight years ago, Laumanu became a BCM parent when she decided to enroll her two older children in BCM’s middle school program; now her two youngest children are in KidSmart. Laumanu highlighted the importance of homework help when she expressed her gratitude for how BCM “Helps them [her children] with homework because I cannot do it at home” which is a sentiment that is expressed by many BCM parents who at times find it difficult to keep up with their children’s homework.

“She is more sociable now, she is not as shy,” said Aisha as she spoke about how her daughter has grown since she started attending BCM’s StreetWorkz. Aisha found out about BCM from a faculty member of another Bay Area student geared program called SWAG that outreaches to and supports students in the Sequoia Union High School District. Two years ago, Aisha decided to become a part of the BCM family and her daughter seems to be thrilled with this decision. “My daughter likes the program, she is happy there.”


Middle School Graduation

A parent attending BCM's middle school graduation party poses with her children for a photo.


Girls Night

BCM invited mothers and daughters to engage in a bonding activity by making bracelets together.

BCM 2017_Michele Christine Photography-4737.jpg

Create Academy Celebration

Students perform a dance routine as their parents snap photos at the Create Academy Celebration.