Introducing LiT! BCM's new High School program

What makes a leader “good”?
What makes a person a bad leader?

The Tuesday following the 2016 Presidential Election Bayshore Christian Ministries launched its new high school program. The first meeting began with a passionate discussion of the two questions above. This was on purpose, seeing as the program’s name is “LiT” (Leaders in Training). Designed as a mentoring-discipleship program LiT's weekly purpose is to so intimately engage with Christ-centered leadership values that students graduate from High School internally prepared for life.

LiT is also an acronym for “Leadership, Identity, Truth” which is a simple way for breaking down the basics of our curriculum.

What is reliable? What is happening around me and why?
Upon what truth can I build a vision for life?
Who am I? What am I good at? What is my purpose?
What is my true identity? How can I be a leader in my family?
How can I take ownership of my future and my dreams?
How can I serve my community?
How does prayer, Church and Scripture inform my life and identity?
...exactly how and where does God fit into all of this? 

LiT is a place where high schoolers—beginning at freshman grade—can explore the answers to these questions. The program is a place students can leave knowing they empowered and equipped on the “inside” of themselves, to fully live into the person God them to be...that is our hope and vision!

Like ACTUAL fire, our logo is an evolving process

Like ACTUAL fire, our logo is an evolving process

Are you intrigued? Curious? You can pray for LiT and for its members—be they adult or student. Pray for the quality of our relationships; pray that wisdom, encouragement, prayer and the presence of God would define our shared time and space; pray and ask the Holy Spirit if you’re supposed to get involved!

In the meantime, here are a few leadership characteristics our LiT students listed (they picked two from each "good" and "bad" leaders category to embrace and improve—a challenge to all of us):

Good: Consider, integrity, follows through/faithful, sense of humor, grateful,  humble, patient, positive-attitude, growth mind

Bad: Fixed mindset, condescending, lack of empathy/fear of empathy, sleazy/sexist, selfish, vain, not-accountable, alienating/divisive, mean/cruel