Hope and Jordan

It was the spring break of her senior year at Hope College and instead of planning a trip with her friends, Jordan decided to apply to Hope’s spring immersion trips, where students volunteer across the country in different communities. On the application, Jordan did not list BCM as her first choice. To be quite frank, Jordan was not completely sold on going on a mission trip in the first place, so when she got her acceptance email she was somewhat surprised and started to question if she wanted to follow through with the trip. After some thought, Jordan decided not to let this opportunity pass her by, and boy was she happy she didn’t. Through Hope’s partnership with BCM, Jordan was able to tutor students in KidSmart and participate in a family event with Bible Club. She also visited East Palo Alto high schools and learned about the history and demographics of East Palo Alto, which she said helped her better understand BCM students. Impressed by her natural connection with the students, Jordan was approached by multiple BCM staff members who encouraged her to apply for BCM’s year-long college graduate fellowship which would start after graduation.  Jordan was flattered that multiple people felt she had the qualifications and temperament to be successful in student mentorship, but at the time, she did not give it too much thought.

On her first day back at Hope College, Jordan ran into one of the Chaplains, whom she was very close to, and when he asked her about her experience at BCM, she recalled the amazing time she had mentoring and learning alongside the students. Jordan also mentioned being encouraged to apply for BCM’s Fellowship as she casually asked her Chaplain for a reference, to which he agreed. The next day she received an email from her Chaplain stating that he had already sent the reference to BCM. Because Hope and BCM have been partners for just about 15 years, Jordan’s Chaplain was not shy about getting in contact with BCM staff; Jordan on the other hand was rather caught off guard. She did not expect him to be so prompt in churning out her recommendation letter, especially because she had not made her mind up about whether she would even apply. Now she had no choice! After applying and going through the interview process, Jordan was excited to be offered the Fellowship position, but soon enough apprehension set in. Jordan lived in Chicago and went to college in Michigan; BCM is in California. Jordan received her degree in Dance and Business; mentoring students at BCM did not seem like it would put her specific education to use. After a week of mental gymnastics, Jordan decided to commit to BCM and become a Fellow, and she has never regretted that decision for a moment. Now, Jordan is completing her second year as a Fellow with BCM and looking back on her journey she said “It is clear that God led me to BCM.” As her time as a Fellow comes to a close and Jordan considers transitioning to a BCM staff member, she plans on allowing the Lord to lead her footsteps.


The Boardwalk!

Jordan and her students snap a picture at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


Game Time!

Jordan playing an intense game of Jenga with one of her students. 



Jordan and her students take goofy pictures during the middle school graduation celebration.