His Walk With God

“It is amazing to see his ability to grasp the stories and internalize them in his own way,” said our Bible Club Manager about how Keith (name changed) takes each Bible lesson and absorbs it in a way that makes sense to him. Keith joined Bible Club during the school year and is currently attending Vacation Bible School (VBS), our elementary spiritual program that runs during the summer. This summer’s VBS theme is Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus and for Keith, the theme seemed to be relevant to his own life.

Keith is the model student. He is always on time, shows honest enthusiasm about learning Gods word, and is a joy to be around. But there was pain lurking beneath the surface of his gentle demeanor. “He has some serious family issues,” our EPA Fellow said as he recounted an intense conversation he had with Keith about what was going on in Keith’s family life.

One day, the VBS lesson was about how Jesus wants us to leave all of our worries with him and Keith seemed to be listening more intensely than ever. As the lesson went on he asked questions and was very engaged with what he was learning. He seemed to truly connect with what was being shared and by the end of the lesson he earnestly revealed that he had worries too heavy to bear alone. He truly wanted to give them to the Lord and we know that Jesus is helping Keith bear his burdens. “We are here to share the gospel with kids like Keith,” said our EPA Fellow in his final thoughts about the impact knowing Jesus has had on Keith and other students like him.


VBS Games

VBS students line up to participate in a game.


Snack Time

Students grab a snack in between lessons.


Praise Dance

Students do a praise dance at the beginning of each VBS lesson.