Create Art

This spring, BCM students are exploring ways in which to express their own identity through visual art. BCM’s art program entitled Create Art will be following EPACENTER’s Drawing 101: Six Elements of Art curriculum, which starts off with the basics such as drawing lines and shapes and ends with instruction in 3D and cartoon drawing. This class does not have a rigid structure and students are encouraged to be free and “outside the box” with the art they create. The curriculum allows BCM students to create art as a form of self-expression which frees them of any tight restrictions. Create Art students are currently working on collages and how to tie the many small elements of a collage together to make one unique work of art that communicates a part of their own identity.

For the past 2 years, EPACENTER and BCM have maintained a partnership to bring BCM students Create Art, which begins in spring and lasts until summer. The mission of EPACENTER is to help facilitate youth in the discovery of their own talents and capabilities through art. Create Art is run by Troy Davis, EPACENTER’s Music and Visual Arts Instructor. Troy studied painting, digital software, figure drawing and color theory at the Academy of Art University, where he graduated with a BA in Illustration. As a long-time resident of East Palo Alto, Troy not only finds it easier to relate to BCM students but has a deeper understanding of the ever changing culture of East Palo Alto. We at BCM look forward to a long a fruitful relationship with Troy and EPACENTER.


Say Cheese!

Students take a moment to smile for a picture as they work on their projects.


Art Time!

Using bright colors and varying shapes work on sketches to add to their collages.


Digital Art

A student uses an ipad to assist in creating sketches.