Blessing Bags

     With Christmas fast approaching Waniya, our Create Studios manager, decided to discuss the true meaning of the season with her students. As the conversation took shape she decided to ask her students how they would feel if BCM did not give them gifts or throw them a Christmas party like past year end celebrations. The students gave an insightful answer, stating that they would not be upset, especially with the many things BCM has done for them throughout the year; they could only be thankful. “So what would you like to do instead?” asked Waniya. “Let’s give back!” a middle schooler named Christina suggested. After a few minutes of brain storming a list of ways to give back to the community Carmella, a 6th grade student, piped in with an awesome idea. “Why don’t we give gift bags of hygiene products to the homeless?”.  The entire class agreed, thus kicking off the Blessing Bag Drive. With determination on their minds, kindness in their hearts and 10 days to make it happen, the students were able to collect enough hygiene products to fill 25 blessing bags! These products included soap, socks, deodorant, wipes and much more. Students hand packed and put signed notes of encouragement in every Blessing Bag.

     On Thursday the 14th students passed out the Blessing Bags to those in need in the greater East Palo Alto area and donated the remaining bags to Project WeHOPE’s warming shelter. Each student experienced the joy of giving and the importance of upholding dignity while showing respect to those who were receiving. Giving back has inspired the students to make the Blessing Bag Drive an annual event, planting a seed of empowerment through service that will linger long after they have graduated from BCM.

IMG_0560 (2).jpg

Building the Bags

Students fill the Blessing Bags with a variety of hygiene products.


Notes of Encourgment 

Students customize and sign notes of encouragement for every Blessing Bag


The Final Product!

This student and her Blessing Bag are ready to bring a little bit of joy to someone in need.