BCM Volunteers

     On the hunt for a volunteer position that interested her, Lorena decided to seek help from Job Train and was delighted when they directed her to BCM. BCM offers several volunteer opportunities but Lorena found that devoting her time to KidSmart students was the perfect fit for her. As a volunteer, Lorena serves as a classroom aide who works one-on-one with her students. She assists students with their homework, reading comprehension, and math skills. During recess, she goes outside with her students and plays right alongside them. In my interview with Lorena, she spoke about how she not only sees herself as a tutor but also a mentor. “It will be more difficult for them to learn if they don’t know who you are” said Lorena as she discussed the importance of building relationships with her students and getting to know their individual learning habits. Lorena’s dedication to her community shines not only through her volunteer work but also in her career goals. She is currently attending college full time in the hopes of earning her degree in social work and becoming a probation officer.

     The main goal of the KidSmart program is to ensure that students’ academic skills are in line with their grade level while also preparing the students for the next school year. Recently, KidSmart Manager Diana Liggs noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find KidSmart interns, so when Lorena came on board Diana was thrilled. After seeing Lorena’s love and dedication to her students, Diana decided to offer Lorena a paid position as a KidSmart intern, which Lorena happily accepted and will be starting once her hours through Job Train are complete. BCM is blessed to have so many wonderful, patient and dedicated volunteers like Lorena who go above and beyond to ensure our students receive not only quality academic help but also emotional, mental and spiritual support.


*If you would like to learn more about volunteering with BCM contact Kim Shimazaki (Volunteer Coordinator) at kim@bayshore.org



Lorena poses with her students for a picture.


Homework Help

Lorena assists a student with her homework.


Lorena and her students play jump rope during recess.