BCM and King's Academy

 “Each spring we vacate our entire high school and send teams of students around the world to do service projects”, says Justin, who teaches Math and is a TKA water Polo and swimming coach at King’s Academy in Sunnyvale. ”The projects range anywhere from building homes in Tecate, Mexico, to post-hurricane clean up in Louisiana, to medical missions in Malawi, Africa, to supporting missionary training to indigenous people groups in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador,” he continued. This year there will be a new focus for service trips. “The ministry that has always been on my heart has been local suburban/urban missions, to the people right here at home” Justin recounts, and when the new principal at King’s asked the Spiritual Life Department to consider missions trips closer to home, Justin jumped at the chance.

Around 12 years ago Justin found out about BCM and a few other East Palo Alto non-profits through his church. When he volunteered with each, Justin saw first had the work that was being done in his own backyard. Fast forward to now, Justin is thrilled to be spearheading King’s first East Palo Alto Service Week. Discussing King’s plans to serve the community, Justin says “We are partnering with BCM, New Creation Home, Ravenswood Middle School and EPA Shop to introduce our students to a community of focus right up the road, where real people live real lives impacted by real policies and systems that we are largely immune from experiencing.  It's an opportunity for our students to realize that we can serve where we live.”

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Where It Started

This photo of Justin teaching students how to work on a bike was taken almost 12 years ago when he first volunteered at BCM


Serving BCM

These BCM teen students are among those that will be served by King's Academy during EPA Service Week

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Team Photo

The entire King's Academy team pose for a photo