Dance, dance, DANCE!

Summer is coming to an end, and CREATE Academy celebrated on August 1st with a showcase where students got to show family and friends all the awesome projects and dance routines they had been working on all summer. They set up their cardboard arcade games, displayed artwork and math projects and bust some moves on the stage in their cowboy get-ups. At the end of this fun night we unveiled the beautiful mural CREATE students painted during one of the art workshops. Two of our high school interns emceed the event, which alone was an example of God at work this summer.  But in order to see God more clearly, let’s go back to the start... 


This summer we were able to hire four of our LiT high school students as CREATE Academy Interns.  At the beginning of the summer, our interns took some time to share about their goals and what they wanted to learn as a part of their internship.  



One of our interns said that she wanted to grow in her ability to manage students and handle certain behavior. Being only a few years older than the students she was working with; she was struggling to figure out how to be the bigger person and respond to issues responsibly.  Over the course of the summer, she made it her goal to improve in this area.  Through conversations and coaching with our CREATE Academy manager, she was able to sit down and talk with one of the students who was challenging her the most and she eventually began to develop a relationship with this student. She didn't think it would happen, but by the end of the summer, this same student pointed her out as one of the significant relationships she made at CREATE. We thank God for answering prayer and being at work amid their relationship! 



Our CREATE Academy internship was a first job for one of our other high school students. He had just finished his freshman year and was quiet and shy at the beginning of the summer.  He chose to focus on speaking up and sharing his perspective and ideas and this summer gave him many opportunities to be bold and courageous in this area.  He grew steadily over the summer, but we were still surprised when he volunteered to help emcee and translate for our end of summer showcase. Along with another student, he took the time to prepare and write notes for his Spanish translation. He was nervous but challenged himself and did an amazing job! It was awesome to see him on stage, speaking loud and clear in front of the many parents, students and staff at the showcase. Not only did he step up to help host our event, but he also grew in confidence in working with students throughout the summer. One of the staff from his school attended the event, and she commented afterward on how amazed she was at his transformation.  We are grateful for his growth and the courage God has given him!