I Built A Robot and It Moves!

Fun things are happening in KidSmart Summer Bridge!  Building robots, designing duct tape wallets, visiting the Exploratorium and dropping eggs off our roof are just a few of the experiences our elementary students have had this summer. Not only are we happy to see them expressing their creativity and learning about science and technology, but we are also pleased that all our students have shown academic progress in reading and math.  Let us tell you a little about Allison (name changed). 


At the start of the summer, one of our first grade students, Allison, expressed to Ms. Diana that she did not feel smart. Building confidence, perseverance and a love of learning are key components of BCM’s academic programs, so this was a perfect opportunity for God to be at work.  Our staff encouraged Allison and ensured her that she was smart; some things take longer to learn and what we expect is for her to do her best.  When asked what she would like to learn this summer, her answer was to “read better.” Through her determination and support from our staff and volunteer tutors, Allison worked on her phonics and first grade sight words this summer. She has already improved two reading levels, from B to D, in just a few weeks and has memorized half of the first grade sight words! We are so proud of Allison’s hard work and growth this summer.  As she finishes up and prepares for the start of school in a few weeks, she will be heading home with a list of first grade sight words, printed books to practice at home, and the knowledge that she is a smart and capable student. 



Please praise God with us for the growth we have seen in Allison and all our other KidSmart Bridge students this summer.  Please pray for their transition into a new school year, that they would be confident in their ability to learn, perseverant in their studies and surrounded by caring adults who can love and support them in their education.