A Streetworkz Volunteer

“I love working with kids,” Olivia, one of our Streetworkz volunteers, said enthusiastically. She went on to tell us about why she decided to volunteer at Streetworkz and her overall experience with BCM.  


BCM: Tell us about how you got connected to BCM. 

OLIVIA: I moved into the East Palo Alto area in early 2018 and decided to Google search Christian organizations to volunteer at. I was intentionally seeking opportunities to volunteer with children, and it seemed that BCM was a perfect fit. 

BCM: How are you able to incorporate volunteer work as a young professional? 

OLIVIA: BCM is only a hop, skip and a jump away from where I work; it’s something I want to do so it is not hard to make it happen. 


BCM: What is difficult about working with BCM students? 

OLIVIA: It’s a challenge, outside of my comfort zone. I’d never worked with this specific age group before volunteering at BCM. The difference is how long it takes kids to open-up; there’s a lot fewer walls built up when they are younger. 


BCM: What have you learned about yourself through working with our students? 

OLIVIA: Recognizing my privilege. I didn’t know about the issues they had to deal with, how different my realities were when I was young. When I compare the education and environment I had access to growing up to that of BCM students it’s obvious that the outside pressures BCM students face affect them. 


BCM: What are you looking forward to as you build relationships with our students? 

OLIVIA: A lot of the students have big personalities; I’m looking forward to having more meaningful conversations. 


BCM: Any other thoughts about your experience as one of BCM’s spiritual mentors? 

OLIVIA: It’s nice to have a community of adults working together to support our students. 


We are grateful for Olivia and many others who serve as spiritual mentors for our students. Please keep them in prayer as they guide our youth and share God’s love at BCM each week. 



Olivia poses with our students for a picture.