Be Our Valentine

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of love, we invite you to take part in at least one of the following three easy ways to love on BCM this Valentine’s Day.

Write a review for BCM on Google or Facebook                                                                                                   Help us collect testimonials about BCM to better understand the things we are doing right as well as what we need to improve, and to increase BCM’s visibility to the community. BCM no longer wants to be ‘the best kept secret’ in East Palo Alto, so help us spread the word!

“I rated BCM a 5 stars on Facebook because I believe in their mission. I've been a participant, a staff, and a volunteer. Since my involvement in 2013, I have witnessed the way BCM has not only transformed my life, but the lives of my peers. BCM feels like a home away from home and out of all the organizations in the city, it feels the most genuine. I know that whatever endeavors I take on, BCM will always be there to support me! To me, it is important to support BCM this way because I want others to know how much of an impact BCM has on the community. BCM is not just a non-profit organization, but they constantly seek to provide resources for not only their students, but also community members within the area.” Jorge, via Facebook

 To rate/review BCM Via Google:

1)      Sign into Google (using your Gmail account)                                                                                

2)      Search for BCM on Google                                                                                                                     

3)      Click the reviews section to leave a review                                                                                     

4)      Select star rating, write review and submit

To recommend/review BCM Via Facebook:

1)      Log into your Facebook account

2)      Search Bayshore Christian Ministries and select our page

3)      Scroll down to ‘Recommendations and Reviews’

4)      Click YES in response to the “Do you want to review Bayshore Christian Ministries” prompt

5)      Write and submit a review

 Join our Prayer Team                                                                                                                                               “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” –Acts 4:31 The Lord has always called us to fellowship together in prayer and your prayers and praises on behalf of our ministry are significant.  There is strength in numbers and a feeling of unity when seeking our Savior together.  

“Prayer is the most powerful when we need guidance and wisdom. We have this awesome privilege to take everything to God in prayer because of His great love for us; I have experienced the joy of many answered prayers. Praying as a team is great because Jesus tells us where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there in the midst. May God richly bless BCM’s efforts as they reach out to serve the young people.” Inez, current BCM prayer team member.

 Join BCM’s Prayer Team by contacting Amy at

Become a Monthly Giver                                                                                                                                            Monthly Givers provide greater financial stability to BCM by allowing us to predict cash flow and budget for our programs every month, cut fundraising costs and redirect those funds to our programs and lastly, help continue the work God is doing in our community through their generosity.

“Though the largest part of our monthly charitable giving goes to our local church and reaching the community that our church is), we wanted to give monthly so students in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven could learn about God and have a safe place that would invest in their future and walk with them through some of the most important life-shaping years.  I also believe that giving monthly shows the staff that there are people behind them supporting their hard work.” Cassie, monthly giver

To Become a monthly giver (online)

1)      Click the following link!/donation/checkout

2)      Select/type in the amount you would like to give

3)      Select “Monthly” to indicate you would like to give a monthly gift

4)      Fill out credit/debit card information

5)      Confirm monthly gift.

 If you would like to give monthly via Paypal or physical checks, please contact Dyimah at