Welcome Paige, A Note From Pastor Marcus

Welcoming Paige Burgess

Paige Burgess joins Bayshore Christian Ministries as the new Development Officer, taking over where Pastor Marcus left off --  a tough act to follow with his tender heart of prayer for all BCM donors, prayer warriors, volunteers and students. She comes to BCM in the third phase of her career.  

When she’s not working or enjoying her husband and teenage sons at home, she is passionate about travel and has done so extensively, visiting over 50 countries in her lifetime, typically with a backpack on her back.  That passion began when her family moved to Egypt during elementary school. She also lived and worked in London after college graduation.

Paige is a foodie, just one of the reasons that travel is such a treat. She is happy when hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, reading and watching movies and documentaries. She loves Jesus, worshipful singing, praying and studying the Bible. 

Paige looks forward to getting to know all of the BCM community!

A Note From Pastor Marcus 

I love BCM, I absolutely love it. From talking to donors and partners to interacting and collaborating with the great staff, it has been a part of my life for over 30 years. I have seen God at work in BCM through ups and downs that keep us prayerful. He reminds us to be faithful even when things are low and less is donated at the banquet and when things are high and we receive unexpected gifts from unknown sources. It’s exciting to have people who love Christ and those who have the chance to meet him coming together, through volunteering or the banquet. 

I hope that BCM will continue to end the fiscal years ahead of the game and continue growing stronger in terms of financial support. I hope we will continue to partner with other organizations within the EPA community. I hope that we will grow in our ability to combat oppression and ills of our society that affect our community.

The people and kids are something I will miss most about BCM, including the staff and Oxford Day Academy students, passing me in the hallways.

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