A Neighbor's Dedication

Have you ever had a friend or a faithful neighbor who will never hesitate to jump in and assist whenever needed? Art Prindle is that person for BCM. He is the gifted contractor who helped pour our foundation and build our current building way back in 1999. Art also helped order, install, and add lights to our BCM sign along the street. Whenever we need advice on how to make repairs or a recommendation on who to call for specialized work, he is one of the first people we contact.

Art and his fantastic church community group, many of whom have volunteered here over the years, provide a summer lunch every year for our students. They carefully pack up sandwiches, fruit, chips, and cookies for our kids to enjoy. This faithful group has volunteered their time and donated meals for over 10 years!                                                                                             

“BCM have been able to diversify what they offer,” said Art, as he discussed how he has seen BCM grow over the years. When asked why he has been a steadfast supporter of BCM for so long Art said, “They are a neighbor of mine and I like the model of helping kids in the neighborhood where they need it.”                                                                                                   

BCM is thankful for our dedicated neighbor. Art and his family care about the East Palo Alto community and we are blessed by his friendship.



Art and Bernardo pose for a picture during a break from laying gravel.


Hard At Work!

Art helps lay gravel behind the BCM building.

BCM building construction.JPG

BCM Sign

This is one of BCM's first signs.