A LiT Summer

“I just love the kids,” said Kassandra, who volunteered at VBS and CREATE Academy, our elementary and middle school summer programs. Kassandra had prior experience working with younger students through the Boys and Girls Club and was excited to work with students at BCM. “You create a bond with them” said Kassandra as she spoke about her experience leading a group at VBS and participating in skits to teach the students about God’s love. “They always teach me something new about being patient and assertive. This job is not easy, but if you have patience you will have fun.” In her final thoughts Kassandra said, “kids go through things and sometimes they don’t have anyone to talk to; I wanted to be that for them, to be what I needed when I was younger.”                                                                                               

“I helped take care of the kids,” said Abraham as he spoke about his volunteer role setting up and serving the students lunch and helping lead some of the group sessions during VBS and CREATE Academy. Abraham had prior experience working with student peers through his high school as a TA, so working with young students was a refreshing change. “Some of them did give me a hard time,” said Abraham as he discussed the challenges of working with younger students, but instead of immediately chastising students who misbehaved, Abraham said “I would walk and talk to them.” He spoke about how he gently took students aside to get to the bottom of why they were being disruptive. “I learned that I have a lot of patience,” he said. In his final thoughts Abraham shared, “Overall it was a great experience being with the children and worshiping God.”                                                                                                                       

“I enjoyed working with them,” said Karen about her experience volunteering with our VBS and CREATE Academy students. She had never worked with young children before but when our LiT program manager mentioned that summer volunteers were needed Karen became interested in trying something new. Karen went on to say that BCM students were nice to work with for those who have never volunteered with young students before. As she pondered what her takeaways from this experience were Karen said, “God really plays an important role for the kids, he shows them that there is someone there for them.”                                                         

“Watching them, I realized that I acted like some of them at that age” said Lupita as the discussed how she saw her younger self in some of the students. Lupita’s experience with children began and ended with babysitting her nephew, so leading a group of children was fun for her. She also helped serve lunch, participated in Bible based skits, and helped students stay on task during activities. “It was fun seeing them play outside,” said Lupita, “it was really relieving seeing kids outside instead of inside on their phone.” Speaking about her overall experience volunteering Lupita said, “It was fun, it goes by quickly and it doesn’t feel like work.”                                                                                                                                                 

“God is always there for the kids,” said V as she discussed a key lesson the students learned over the summer. V volunteered last summer and this summer she came on as a paid intern. As she discussed the multiple roles she played, whether that be helping in the math and science classes, leading VBS groups, serving lunch or registering students, V said that “having patience, getting to know the kids and gaining their trust,” were all of high priority to her. “Always ask the kids how their day is because we all have things going on,” said V as she explained the importance of getting to know the things students are struggling with. “I really enjoyed working with them; the questions they would ask at such a young age really got to me,” said V. “They would ask ‘is God always with me, even when I am sad?’ and I said yes, always.”                                                                                                                                         

We are very proud of our LiT students and their willingness to jump in and help in any way they could with our summer programs. Please keep them in prayer as they begin a new school year.



LiT students put on a skit for VBS students.


Set Up

A Lit student helps unload and set up a canopy in preparation for VBS.


Food Service

Lit students help serve lunch to CREATE Academy students.