Our Final Fellows

     “I was most struck by the education system, and how it was failing,” said Jordan as she recounted learning about EPA’s school system and BCM’s mission to fill the educational and spiritual voids our students experience. Jordan came to know BCM through her college’s (Hope College) Spring Break missions trip and later applied for and was offered a Fellow position.

     Jose, a banking professional who had relocated from Costa Rica to the US to study English, was led by his passion for ministry to our doorstep. An online search put BCM on Jose’s radar but it was not until he found out that his wife’s (then girlfriend) parents were BCM co-founders that he knew it was meant to be. After almost a year of volunteer work as a Streetworkz mentor (middle school spiritual program) and a guitar instructor with CREATE Studios (STEAM program), Jose was also offered a Fellow position.

    When asked what makes them passionate about BCM, Jordan, without hesitation, answered, “the kids.” As she discussed the 20+ students she would work hard to stay in touch with if for some reason she had to leave BCM, Jordan said “Myself and others at BCM are people they can come to…. I love them and I want to be in their lives.” “In the end you feel like you cannot leave them, you have to keep walking beside them,” Jose said, as he discussed his desire to support his students through their spiritual journey. Jose then ended his thought with a question to himself “How can I be the factor of change in their lives?”

    As Jordan discussed what she learned through the EPA Fellows Program she talked about some of the issues our students face, like immigration, the housing crisis, mass incarceration and how BCM was intentional about diving deep into these issues with the Fellows. “A huge challenge to my personal faith” said Jordan “Is learning to trust God with the kids, knowing how much they need, and what I can’t give them.” Jose discussed how the Fellows Program led to a new perspective of how “race, culture and economics effect the community.” He went on to say that a big lesson for him was “how important relationships are to cultivate a healthy ministry.”

     When asked about the legacy they want to leave as the final Fellows (BCM will no longer be offering a Fellows Program), Jordan discussed the original intent of the program, to acquire younger staff members, and her legacy will be just that! She considered her first 2 years as a Fellow as “training” for her transition into becoming a full time BCM staff member. Jose hopes to leave a community of students who provide friendship and support to each other. He takes pride in proving that “Young staff can do ministry, make an impact on the community, and share the gospel.”

     “It doesn’t feel like a drastic change, but a continuation of what I’ve been doing,” said Jordan as she discussed her future plans, which include managing BCM’s middle school spiritual program. “We need more people in active ministry,” said Jose as he discussed his plans to continue working in the community while pursuing a Masters in Divinity. The love and dedication both Jordan and Jose have shown our students is immeasurable, and BCM is honored to have such loyal champions of our cause.

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Goofing Around

Jose and Jordan take a silly picture during an Fellows meeting.

BCM Fellows Photo.JPG

Fellows Retreat

The fellow and their supervisors go on a team building retreat.

Fellows Retreat.JPG


Jordan and Jose strike a final pose, as the final fellows.