Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! And we wanted to share what our staff, board, students, parents and volunteers are thankful for. Here are some of the answers we received from the following questions: What are you thankful for? What about BCM are you thankful for?


CREATE Students

“For me to be alive and to have people that love and care for me.”

“How [BCM] feels like a family.”

“I am thankful for every [BCM] volunteer.”

KidSmart Students

“I am thankful for help with my spelling.”

“I am thankful for other [BCM] students; we help each other.”

“Family; they give me a roof over my head and pay for my schooling.”

Bible Club Students

“My mom because my mom provides food for me.”

“I am thankful for Bible Club.”

“Family, cat, people, school, Jesus, Christmas, God.”

Lit Students

“I am thankful for my best friend because she’s always there for me.”

“LiT helps me get through tough times in life.”

“Ari and Jordan and all other BCM staff.”

Streetworkz Students

“Waking up, soccer, BCM, God.”

“Streetworkz, friends, clothes, art.”

“Time, life, health, music.”


“Estoy Agradecida infintamente por la familia que Dios me dio que son todo para mi, mis hijos y esposo. Gracias por tan marovillosa la vida.”

“All that you [BCM] do; your family to my family. You all have big hearts, we love you and are very thankful for you!”

“Soy, una madre que les agradece tanto a dosos y cada uno del personal de BCM, por la ayuda que le had dado a mis hijos bendiciones. Gracias por todo su apoyo.”


“I’m thankful for God leading me to serve in BCM’s KidSmart program where I’ve been enjoying the laughter and learning progress of our young students.”

“I’m thankful for God’s overall provision for my family financially and overall good health and safety in the past year, specifically amid a recent traffic accident which left my wife and I unharmed.”

“At BCM I am thankful for Ms. Diana who is takes care of the interns, tutors, students, and curriculum. But more importantly for the families who realize the value of education and take the time and effort to come to KidSmart.” 


“God’s grace, patience and love.”

“I’m thankful for the community of volunteers and opportunities”

“To serve alongside great believers and to see God’s hand move in and around us.”

Board Members

“Having a personal relationship with Christ.”

“My education and freedom to keep growing and learning.”

“Meeting the [BCM] kids, hearing their stories and seeing their dreams come true.”

Bible Club Thanksgiving.jpg

Bible Club

Students write down what they are thankful for and and put the notes in their “Thankful Jars” during Thanksgiving themed Bible Club.

streetworkz Thanksgiving.jpg


Students create a Thanksgiving wreath made of clothes pins adorned with what they are thankful for during Streetworkz their Thanksgiving themed program.


Staff Prayer

During staff prayer, we too a moment to reflect and write down what we are thankful for. This is one of the notes.