Holly and Cassie, two of our amazing staff members and BCM champions, will be transitioning in the upcoming month. Although we are grateful for the time they shared with us, and excited to see where God’s path leads them, they will be deeply missed. Here is their farewell.

It is with sadness that I announce that my last day as a full-time staff member at BCM will be November 2nd. I'll continue in a part-time role through December. My next challenge will be working at the Stanford University School of Medicine in the Center for Continuing Medical Education as an Administrative Associate.

Leaving BCM after five years was a very difficult decision that I prayed over and considered for months, because I am still invested in and dedicated to its worthy mission to serve the youth of East Palo Alto. I intend to stay connected as a donor, occasional volunteer, and local supporter. I am committed to making my departure as smooth and graceful as possible because of my deep love for this organization.

I believe strongly in BCM's good work in East Palo Alto and find myself preparing to leave with reluctance and sadness, but also with many truly special memories of time well spent with our wonderful students, volunteers, staff, and Board. I treasure my five years of work at BCM and thank the staff for their faithful service. I learned a great deal during my time working here and grew as a person and follower of Christ. I pray with confidence that God will bless BCM with everything it needs to continue the good work here in our community.


There are moments that come throughout life that seem minimal at the time but twenty years down the road they’ll serve as a monumental reminder that God is faithful.  One such moment happened on a Thursday evening in our home.  In late August both my husband and I felt like we heard God tell us to prepare for transition.  We didn’t know what that would look like or when it would happen, but that we were to posture ourselves for transition.  Thirty-six hours later I was having breakfast with a friend that I used to work with.  She felt God had been telling her to ask me to consider a position at a church that I had worked at for 10 years.  One week later, another church asked if I would consider a position with them.  At that point it became clear that the transition would be mine; I would be the one who would be making a change. 

At the end of the month I will resign as Director of Ministries to become Community Life Pastor at Valley Christian Center in Dublin.  It is truly a bittersweet feeling to leave BCM.  Though I know I have to be obedient to the direction that God is leading, I will miss the beautiful ministry that happens here at BCM.  The past three years have been filled with relationships that I cherish, memories that I’ll carry for years, and a few hard days with students sprinkled in between.  Each of those hard days helped our staff become closer and was useful to deepen relationships with the students we served.  I leave BCM with a full heart, trusting that just as God is leading me to a new place of ministry, He has been preparing another individual to step in to BCM.  I am grateful for the years of friendship with students, families, staff, volunteers, partner organizations, and faithful donors. 


CREATE 2016-17.JPG

Taste Test!

In this photo taken in 2016, Cassie, Rolando, and Alyssa, one of our former staff, try yogurt parfaits made by our CREATE students during their Science of Cooking class.

Waniya photos 11.12.15 029.jpg


In this photo taken in 2015 Holly poses for a picture with four of our students.


Ice Cream!

In this photo Cassie and CREATE Academy students are in the process of making hand made ice cream.

2014 end of year celebration.JPG

Year End Fun

Here Holly strikes a pose during our 2014 year end celebration.

Hope 2017.JPG

Group Picture!

Here Cassie along with program staff and Hope University students take a group photo.

Compassion Week.JPG

Compassion Weekend

Here Holly heads up registration during Compassion Weekend.