Bible Club Changes

“We have 12 students who attend our on-site Bible Club, four of which were introduced to us over the summer through VBS” said our Bible Club manager. With the new strategic priorities in place and our Bible club structure being revamped, we excitedly jumped into the swing of things. “In our previous curriculum we simply told the bible stories and didn’t have the students look it up in the bible,” recounted our Bible Club manager. Now, our 3rd through 5th grade Bible Club students have all received a bible and a journal.

When the students first found out that they would be receiving Bibles they excitedly reminded our Bible Club manager at every opportunity until they got them. “The students are excited about their bibles and journal; they bring them every week!” our Bible Club manager said enthusiastically. The journals contain Bible passages for the students to look up in their bibles, read and take notes on. Naturally, each student looks forward to the bible coins they can earn by 1) bringing their journal to Bible Club 2) completing the weekly lessons and 3) memorizing the weekly verse.

“God is coming back to our house; he is coming back to earth,” one of our Bible Club students wrote in her journal. “It is fun to read what they write and see how they understand the Bible,” said our Bible Club manager as she explained her students enthusiasm and engagement, in fact, one of her students, who usually needs encouragement to pay attention during Bible Club, seem to be more attentive to the lessons than ever. “Can I get extra bible coins if I read extra passages?” asked the student, and when he was told yes, he actually followed through and read the extra passages. “Even if he is doing it for the extra coins it’s great; because wonder if he never reads these passages otherwise?” said our Bible Club manager, “I would rather him read it.”

We are grateful to see our students embrace the positive changes to our Bible Club, and look forward to continue facilitating their walk with the Lord.



Students take notes during the lesson.

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Students eagerly wait to be given their handout.

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Snack Time!

At the end of the lesson students line up to get a snack in exchange for explaining what they learned.