Our Track Star (Student Spotlight)

“My favorite part about track is running the 400’s and running relays with my team,” said Polonia, one of our KidSmart students, as she discussed her experience being a track athlete. Polonia first joined her track team in the 2nd grade and is now in 4th grade. “First we run 4 laps, after that we stretch and warm up our legs, then we jump over blocks,” said Polonia as she recounted what a regular day of practice looks like. When asked about if she had run at any meets, Polonia said, “We’ve been to the Junior Olympics and several other meets. When we went to the Junior Olympics, we had three different events each; it was fun. When it is my time to race I am nervous, but afterward I feel happy; all of our coaches come up to us after our events and say good job!” When we discussed if she had ever placed at any of the meets she competed in Polonia said “I’ve placed 1st in the 400, 100, 4 X 100 and 4 X 400. For Long Jump I’ve placed 5th and for High Jump I’ve placed 3rd.”

“Right now, track is off season so I’m playing tennis,” said Polonia, “I’ve been playing for five years.” Polonia was first introduced to tennis by her aunt, who is an avid tennis player and is the head of the team Polonia is on. As she discussed what she enjoyed about tennis, Polonia said “My favorite swing is non-dominant, forehand and backhand.” Polonia went on to discuss also playing soccer and basketball. Although she is on the basketball team, she is not allowed to play competitively until 6th grade, and Polonia stated that she is looking forward to that day. When we discussed what position in soccer she enjoyed playing the most, Polonia said “I like being the goalie; when someone tries to shoot, I block it,” she added with a confident smile on her face. At the closing of our conversation, Polonia discussed the love of sports throughout her family and how her older brothers and sisters have played multiple sports. When asked how she felt about being so physically active Polonia said “I like playing four sports; my favorite is tennis, then basketball, track and soccer.”


Young Polonia

Here is a photo of Polonia from a few year ago in KidSmart class.

IMG_0278 (1).jpg


In a recent photo Polonia releases some energy as she sprints around the lot during recess.