Getting in Touch

Please contact us if you have any questions.  For general inquiries, use the form below.  For specific inquiries, use the directory below that.


Contact info

1001 Beech Street
East Palo Alto, CA

T 650-327-1139
F 650-327-4329
E information[at]bayshore[dot]org



Kim Shimazaki
Email: volunteer[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.327.9941

Spring Break Mission Trips 
Amy Joh
Email: amy[at]bayshore[dot]org 
Phone: 650.327.9943

EPA Fellows
Amy Joh
Email: amy[at]bayshore[dot]org 
Phone: 650.327.9943

Bible Clubs
Leslie Tuakalau
Email: leslie[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.543.2129

Create Studios
Waniya Bryant
Email: Email: waniya[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.503.1440



Holly Meyer
Email: accounting[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.327.9942

Diana Liggs
Email: diana[at]bayshore[dot]org 
Phone: 650.327.9940

StreetWorkz, our Middle School Program
Jordan Dennen
mail: jordan[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.327.9944

Summer Programs  
Cassie Arnold
Email: cassie[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.327.9944

LiT, our High School Program  
Ariana Yee
Email: ariana[at]bayshore[dot]org
Phone: 650.543.2128